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Dymethaberry Chewable By Steel Crushers


Dymethaberry is chewable form of dymethazine or better know as DMZ, a prohormone supplement. DMZ chewables are one of kind in Steel Crushers Dymethaberry Black Label. Dymethaberry has rapid absorption, ultimate nitrogen retention, and incredible flavor. It comes a small circle metal canister that is small enough to easily fit into your pocket. 


Is Dymethaberry Black Label By Steel Crushers right for me?

DMZ is prohormone supplement that shold only be taken by healthy adult men. Users of DMZ or Dymethazine can expereince rapid increase is mass and strenght gains is short periods of time. Dymethazine will make your body anabolic and help you to increase muscle mass at an extremly accellerated rate. DMZ is for the hard core guys wanting to get an edge in the gym, for the guy that is tired of being small, for the guys that want to grow. You should be 21 of years or older before considering to take a prohormone supplement.


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Do I need cycle support with Dymethaberry?

Yes, the main ingredient DMZ is liver toxic, as with most other prohormones. Users of this prohormone need to stack on-cycle support supplement for general health while taking this prohormone. Legendary Supplements recommends taking Gear Support By Blackstone Labs for genral on-cycle health, and most importantly to help protect your liver and make this supplement more safe.


PCT required with this supplement?   PCT = Post Cycle Therapy

Yes it is. After taking Dymethaberry Black Label by Steel Crushers, Legendary Supplements recommends taking a PCT supplement. Post cycle therapy should be started the day after you quit taking the Dymethaberry prohormone. The reason you taking a PCT is to maximize the gains that you keep from your cycle. A PCT will elevate your natural testosterone levels and help you to maximize the strenght and mass you keep from taking Dymethaberry prohormone. A great PCT supplement to use after this prohorone is Alpa PCT By AMF.


We commonly see guys stacking Dymethaberry in a similar stack like this for maxim results and protection.

First 4 Weeks:

Dymethaberry Black Label prohormone By Steel Crushers

Gear Support By Blackstone Labs 


Last 4 Weeks:

Alpha PCT By AMF (PCT)



Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Tablet

Serving Per Container: 100 Servings Per Container

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Dymethaberry Chewable By Steel Crushers

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nice... candy

great product i would love to buy again


This I cant believe I get to eat a prohormone that tastes like candy, the best part is how fast it works i think because of the quicker obsorbtion, this stuff is amazing. I like it better than the capsuled dmz products out there. great price!!