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CTD Sports Nupept

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CTD Sports Nupept

Nupept is a 50 serving cognitive supplement that helps improve your focus, memory, and neuro transmission.  The key ingredient in this formula is noopept (N-phenylacetyl-L-prolyglycine ethyl ester).  This compound is a nootropic (sometimes referred to as smart drugs) commonly prescribed in Russia.  There are countless viable supplements on the market to improve your size and strength, but Nupept is a unique product that can add something new to your supplement regimen.

CTS Sports markets Nupept as a "creativity and motivation" product.  The applications of this product are virtually endless.  Whether you need to study for a final exam, have a stressful day at work, or looking to improve your workout or athletic performance, then CTD Sports Nupept can help you.

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