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Creacore Creatine HCI By Muscletech

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Creacore Creatine HCI By Muscletech

Creacore Creatine HCI By Muscletech


CreaCore® is a highly concentrated and powerful creatine formula that features a massive 1750mg of creatine HCI per scoop (2x more than other concentrated creatines). It is also the first creatine formula to utilize a scientifically studied dose of fenugreek extract for improved effects.1 The super-concentrated formula requires no loading or cycling off, and does not cause bloating.
Increased Muscle Growth and Strength

In a 2011 published clinical study, subjects supplementing with creatine and fenugreek extract (the same combination in CreaCore) significantly increased their bench press one-rep max, leg press one-rep max, and lean mass – all without having to add extra carbohydrates.
Improved creatine uptake

Researchers believe that ingesting fenugreek in combination with creatine may be an effective way for improving creatine uptake into the muscle similarly to dextrose, without having to ingest large amounts of simple carbohydrates.
More Servings per container

CreaCore delivers almost double the servings of the nearest creatine HCl competitor (80 vs. 48 servings) for the best value out there. Plus, CreaCore delivers more creatine HCl in just two concentrated scoops.


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