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Cloma Pharma Black Spider 25 review by Brittany Evans

Cloma Pharma Black Spider 25 review by Brittany Evans

Ok, firstly let me say that currently I am five foot ten inches tall, and my current weight is 109 pounds. I'm 21 old currently and have always been overweight after my teen years. Until I was about eighteen I was always super skinny and I did watch what I ate to an extent, but basically I never had to really street about my weight all the time as long as I stayed active. But after Eighteen I moved away from my home town and started attending college, not to my luck, or what I expected, my first year in college I gained almost a total of twenty five pounds.. I was shocked it was like I woke up one day and it just hit me, I was like "I have do something quick". After that I felt like I really watched my weight and was always stressing over what I was eating troughout my second year of college. I figured out that all my weight gain had to be all the stress of moving away to college and away from home. I felt like my diet was really clean my second year, more than I have ever watched it before. I ate mostly ham sandwiches and salads, diet foods almost all day. When freinds would want to go out to eat I would try to eat salad wherever we went, or recommend something like Subway. Nothing seemed to work... It had to because of the dramatic changes and stress from my books. Eventually I started asking my freinds if they new anything about diet supplements, and which ones they may have taken before. After looking into two or three I liked that one of freinds recommendations on the Black Spider 25 diet supplement. She said it gave her intense eneregy after she took it. So I ened up buying Black Widow diet supplement. What can I say girls it really gave me perspective on the situation and made me realize I need some help in my current situation, I dropped nine pounds in the first four weeks on Cloma Pharma Black Spider 25. I couldn't beleive it as I was new to diet supplements but it make me so happy because I was trying so hard but just couldn't lose the pounds. I noticed it made me really hot through the day and gave me mental focus as well because of the increased eneregy. I ended up taking another four weeks of it and kept shredding my weight down, but I took a few weeks off before taking Black Spider again. I only took one pill with my lunch everyday for four weeks, but the bottle says you can cake up to two capsules. I know diet supplements are not the complete answer, but I just couldn't make it to the gym enough and I was already watching my diet pretty hard, it helped me a lot to reach my goals. I currently weight in a very thin, (for me) 109LB.


-Britany evansr review of Black Spider 25 diet supplement by Cloma Phama 8/7/2014