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Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs at Legendary Supplements

Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs at Legendary Supplements

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Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs at Legendary Supplements

Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs is a 1-Andro pro-anabolic supplement designed to deliver lean muscle mass to it's users.


Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs


Blackstone Labs new supplement Chosen 1, has the active main ingredient "1 andro", which is a widely popular pro-anabolic agent that is considered to be a prohormone. 1 Andro is also known as 1-Androstene-3b-ol,17-one, and is legal in the United States. Designed and developed for adult men seeking an alpha male advantage in the gym. Users of Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs can expect to see a significant increase in lean muscle mass over the duration of a month long cycle. Historic gains with this ingredient, suggest that this ingredient is used best for users seeking lean muscle mass, and is best used during lean bulking regimens.



1 Andro is an artificially stimulated Androgen. In men, our Androgen receptors are responsible for not only the development of our manly characteristics, but also by maintaing these masculine characteristics as well. Male sex characteristics are maintained by Androgens binding to your bodies Androgen receptors in the body. The best way to describe an Androgen to the average person, is to use testosterone as an example. Testosterone is an Androgen, yes. In theory by taking Chosen 1, and consuming it, the 1-andro within, is a synthetically made Androgen. This Androgen has the anabolic ratio comparable to testosterone. After 1-Andro is metabolized, it is converted to 1 Testosterone in the body. 1 testosterone has the same has similar anabolic ratio and the same amount of atoms in each particular element as regular testosterone, but the atoms can be arranged differently, in a different order.


Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs at Legendary Supplements


The main difference you would want to note about Blackstone Labs Chosen 1, is that 1-Andro is completely legal in the USA in all fifty states. The main difference in the structure of 1 Testosterone and regular testosterone is that 1 Testosterone has a double bonded "1,2" and regular test is "4,5" double bonded in its atom ring. Keep in mind this is not a Testosterone supplement, but the body metabolizes Androstene into a form of testosterone that has a very high anabolic ratio.


 Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs at Legendary Supplements

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  • 5
    Chosen 1

    Posted by Jammasher jay on 2nd Sep 2016

    Received my order quickly and for less than anywhere on the Internet! Vane with 60.5 tablets great start off pill. It's been 4 days and I'm satisfied with my progress, looking forward to week two. I've been trying new routines attacking different muscle groups and trying really hard each gym day. If what I'm seeing physically is placebo, then I'm satisfied because it's making me trim down and more defined. Gained a pound or two but still very early in the cycle. I recommend it for this price ito an absolute bargain.

  • 3

    Posted by Mike on 10th Mar 2016

    i went from benching 225 to 245 with no water retention my muscle are very solid. Side effects a little acne nothing to serious. Ill deff recommend this product.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Dec 2015

    Been taking this and brutal 4ce for about 2and a half weeks and I have nothing bad to say at all I love this shit hands down best thing I have taken yet ,my bench has gone up 25/30 pounds ,I have noticed I get a lot more Rep's ,crazy pumps and hella size gainz ,increased libido,aggression, everything the say the product does is exactly what it does,

  • 5
    Chose 1 Review, feel my libido increasing.

    Posted by Tom Harper on 5th Dec 2015

    Wife has told me my libido has increased, and stamina in our workouts at nights, in the gym and outside the gym. I feel like this increase is gonna help a lot in building up my muscle fibers. Currently a week and half in only.