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Bloodshed by Xcel Sports Nutrition is the first of the new Warfare Series Prohormones. Bloodshed is a triple stack prohormone designed to produce the ultimate in lean mass and strength gains. This powerful combination results in an extremely effective muscle building and strength enhancing stack.

The inclusion of the time release agent Carbopol enhances the efficacy of each compound and ensures its delivery into your bloodstream.

Bloodshed includes the natural strength building compounds 5a-Hydroxy laxogenin and Beta-ecdysterone. These natural compounds were included to further enhance strength and protein synthesis. Also included in each capsule of Blood Shed is an organ guard formula to help keep you safe on cycle!

Proper On-Cycle and Post Cycle Support should be used with a cycle of Blood Shed.

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Blood Shed Warfare Series Xcel Sports Nutrition

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