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What is Creatine? | LegendarySupplements.com - Legendary Supplements Official Supplement Store
What is Creatine? | LegendarySupplements.com

What is Creatine? | LegendarySupplements.com

Posted by Ally on 4th Aug 2015


What is Creatine? LegendarySupplements.com

Creatine Explained

There are an abundance of those “memes” floating around the internet that poke fun at creatine, or more so, people’s lack of knowledge regarding creatine. You’ll see in these memes images of skinny guys who are claiming creatine to be a “steroid”. Although I have personally never met anyone who believes such, the popularity of this joke suggests there is or at least has been some misunderstandings on the subject of this supplement. So let’s clear creatine’s bad rap…

Creatine is a naturally occurring substance that converts to creatine phosphate within our bodies. This in turn aids in the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) - a key player in muscle contraction. Creatine became popular among athletes in the 1990’s, although it was discovered a few decades prior.

As an energy source for the muscles it enhances the body’s capacity for high intensity exercise. During workouts, the ATP is de-energized (becoming ADP – adenosine di-phosphate). Having an extra supply of creatine allows more readily available ATP for those extra reps. This in turn results in larger muscle size or what we like to call gainz…

Creatine has also been shown to increase one’s anaerobic capacity as well as speed muscle recovery. Some studies suggest it can even aid in brain function (to help add up all those plates you’re throwing on the bar!)

The medical community has been heavily researching creatine and studies suggest that this supplement can improve glucose tolerance in diabetics, improve bone healing in those with osteoporosis, and possibly reduce muscle loss as we age.

As time goes on and more research is conducted, a lot of the previous myths about the dangers are creatine are being debunked. Study after study confirms it to be a great supplement to add to your stack. Creatine monohydrate is the most common form of this supplement and easily mixes with water. Find your creatine supplement here and let us know what you think!