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The Truth About What You’re Getting From Your Supplements

Posted by Cody Smith on 13th Apr 2014

You hit the gym 5-7 times a week, you lift heavy, eat clean, take your pre-workout and drink your protein shakes but you seem to have hit a plateau in your journey to muscle mass. Not many body builders actually understand how their muscles work with supplements, which can be the reason for a slowdown in noticeable change. Though supplements are an awesome way to boost a transformation in your body, it is far too easy to misuse them.

The Truth About What You’re Getting From Your Supplements

Developed by scientists, supplements are used in addition to working out to influence your hormonal, energy and nutrition systems. With the help of experts at Train Magazine, we have combined a list of different types of muscle building supplements and how to use them to your advantage:

Hormonal Supplements– The reason why it’s so important to be mindful of your hormone levels is because of the fact that they carry messages that entice immediate action from the body. Two major types of hormones that play a significant role in helping you reach your fitness goals are your growth hormone and testosterone level. Though the body is capable of naturally producing both, taking a testosterone booster or a growth hormone supplement will increase your levels to the highest possible natural peak when it comes to improving muscle-protein synthesis and encouraging cell growth and regeneration.

Energy Supplements – As the name implies, these tablets or powders help to increase your energy levels in the gym, which will in turn allow you to work harder in the gym. However, too much energy can cause you to be jumpy and a number of energy supplements can actually make you to lose weight. Now while research has shown that caffeine can give you that extra push to train harder, it is easy for your body to become immune to it. So if you’re going to choose caffeine as your energy supplement, it’s best to cycle your intake for the days that you’re training particularly hard. You’ll also find that Creatine is a no-brainer for body builders. Not only does it increase your adenine tri-phosphate level, which is your body’s main energy source, but it speeds up the recovery process and hydrates the cells in your muscles, improving the body's ability to gain size.

Nutritional Supplements for Recovery – Shakes that are made with whey protein have been proven to help heal your muscles when consumed directly after training. Working out breaks down your muscles and remodels them during their repair. So when you aren’t close enough to your kitchen to prepare a high-protein meal right after you’ve finished a session at the gym, the repair stage can be sped up quickly by shaking up your protein in your Blender Bottle until you can get home.

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