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Taylor Cece review of Black Spider diet pill | Cloma Pharma diet supplement reviews - Legendary Supplements Official Supplement Store

Taylor Cece review of Black Spider diet pill | Cloma Pharma diet supplement reviews

Posted by Cody Smith on 7th Aug 2014

My review on Black Spider diet pill by Cloma Pharma is positive in nature because I lost a total of twenty seven pounds in two months, which is an average of a few pounds a week! Although the pounds came off nicely it was definitely not to credit all my success on Cloma Pharma’s diet pills. The Black Spider diet supplement helped me tremendously yes, why? Because it came more energy than anything I’ve ever taken that lasted for hours and hours, no joke. My wife was getting annoyed at me because she said I had the energy of teenager lately and I’m fourth seven lol. I’m normally someone that likes their coffee boost a couple times a day and I try to eat pretty steady and stay away from fatty foods as well, but coffee is normally as far as I go, no energy drinks or energy pills or pre-workouts normally for me I try to just stick caffeine and workout a few days a week with some cardio after my long days at work. Another benefit I noticed is that these diet pills made me sweat a lot. I looked it up and Black Widow has thermo genic ingredients in it designed to increased your body temperature a little bit so you “heat up” a little and burn more calories and sweat more. I think with the combined craziness of the energy and that I was sweating so much more throughout the day mostly, is why this supplement worked so great for me the last two months. I know have my husband taking it and we will see where he ends up shortly:) He is very optimistic after my results. Cons of my use with this supplement included I feel a little tired if I forgot to drink water all day because it makes you sweat more, but I have a bad habit of forgetting to drink water normally.

Age: 47

Gender: Female

Start Date: June 1 st, 2014

End Date: July 25 th, 2014

Supplement: Black Spider diet pill