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Super DMZ 3.0 By IronMagLabs prohormone Journal By JRS - Legendary Supplements Official Supplement Store

Super DMZ 3.0 By IronMagLabs prohormone Journal By JRS

Posted by Cody Smith on 8th Jul 2014

This my journal on Super DMZ 3.0 By IronMagLabs

Throughout the past 6 weeks I a have been using Super DMZ 3.0. I started researching DMZ supplements about three months ago as before this one I have only taken one other prohormone which was M-Sten also by IronMagLabs. I was new to DMZ so I though "what the ****". I kept seeing Super DMZ 3.0 info all over the internet and noticed it had pretty decent reviews and that it was a triple stack as well of DMZ, Alpha 1, and M-sten. So in the end I decided on Super DMZ 3.0 for my next cycle mostly because of all the reviews it had. Seemed like a popular product, really popular considering it being relatively new to the market. During my Super DMZ 3.0 cycle I started a log or journal of my activities and progress over my four week cycle. Below I tried to summarize it in a good review so that you guys use my info for your own research.

My supplement stack including the following supplements.

First 4 weeks: 

Super DMZ 3.0 By IronMagLabs (prohormone)

Advance Cycle Support By IronMagLabs (liver protection & on cycle support )

E-Control By IronMagLabs (estrogen blocker) (not required but will help keep water weight down)

Osta By IronMagLabs (SARM)

Last 4 weeks:

Arime PCT Stage 5 By Hard Rock (PCT)

Here is a breakdown of my notes from my journal summarized for you.

During the first week during my cycle I did not notice much, everything seemed really normal. I had tons of motivation and was hitting it hard six days that week. I kept my protein intake high I weighed in at 222 when I started during this first week and kept my protein intake at around 200 to 250 grams a day. I take my protein in mostly from food like lean chicken primary, but I do use protein shakes to to help me reach my daily protein needs often.

During My second week I noticed an increased in strength on Wednesday when I was doing squats. I seemed to blast trough my workouts and on my final set I blasted trough 315 like it was nothing. I new my supps were kicking in at that point. On Saturday of this week I working biceps and added an extra 5lbs to my bicep curls and pumped out 8 full complete reps. (I naturally a have weak biceps) so I was super pumped after that.

Towards the end of the third week is when the size really started to come in nicely. Super DMZ 3.0 is more or less a physique supplement. That is the only way I can describe the mass gains I was getting. It looked like I lost 5lbs from my stomach in the middle of the third week and looked like I gained 10lbs in my upper body. This stuff is ridiculous!! My weight is up from 222 to 228 at this point. My bench is from 265 when I started 4x10 to 280 4x10. By bicep curls are up from 60lbs straight bar curl 4x10 to 70 lbs 4x10. My squat is went from 315lbs 3x10 to 345 3x10. I'm seeing some insane results guys. I think this is because of the power anabolic effects of super dmz 3.0 that IronMagLabs makes, but I also think it's because of my high protein diet and my drive day after day lately. I'm loving the results and would recommend this prohormone to anyone.

My review of Super DMZ 3.0 By IronMagLabs is 4 out of 5 stars:) Always room for improvement but excellent A++ 

(JRS) - Journal Log