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Prohormone Guide 2016 at Legendary Supplements - Legendary Supplements Official Supplement Store

Prohormone Guide 2016 at Legendary Supplements

15th Apr 2016

The prohormone guide 2016 is the amateur users guide to the top prohormones available in 2016. We will discuss the top ingredients available on the market, and a few of the top prohormones that have these ingredients. Will also list the key benefits of each ingredient, as reports by our experts at Legendary Supplements.

Prohormone Guide 2016

As most hard-core prohormone fans know, a lot of the prohormones of the past have been banned by crazy politicians that no nothing about them. However, prohormone supplements live on, and will continue to do so. This list below is the top pro-anaboic ingredients available in 2016 at the time of this article.

Laxogenin is plant based anabolic extract. It's main effects is increased protein synthesis. This allows increased muscle mass, lean muscle mass without bloating. This leads to hard, dense, real gains you will keep.

1-Androstene converts to testosterone after your body converts it. It converts to 1-Testosterone and obviously leads to increased testosterone in the blood and body. This being the main male hormone, leads to drastic changes is muscle mass, strength, stamina, libido, recovery times, and hair growth. Considered one of the most popular ingredients.

1-Androstene is similar to 1-Androstene. However it converts to DHT, and can have estrogen related side-effects. Stacking a estrogen blocker with this supplement blocks these side effects. 4-Andro is more for raw aggression and mass, as 1-Andro is more lean muscle mass.

Epicatechin is the most out there prohormone still alive in my opinion. EpiCat suppresses the myostatin gene. Studies have proven that animal and people alike that have this gene suppressed, or better lack this gene, have significantly more muscle mass. Myostatin normally controlls the body from having uncontrolled muscle growth for primitive reasons.