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Primeval Labs Jerry Ward Official pre-workout release at Legendary Supplements - Legendary Supplements Official Supplement Store

Primeval Labs Jerry Ward Official pre-workout release at Legendary Supplements

Posted by Cody Smith on 19th Jan 2016

Primeval Labs Pre-workout insanity! Jerry Ward officially releases three new pre-workout formulations for the everyday user.

No matter what you fitness goal maybe, endurance, strength, muscle size and volume, or maybe something else?  Primeval Labs pre-workout supplements have you covered. Three respectively different formulas, designed by the company to target the most common user goals. Check out Jerry Ward's official release video at Legendary Supplements below.

Primeval Labs Erupt

Let's start off with a full detailed explanation of how  Primeval Labs Erupt works, and why it's important for you to obtain a tub of this miracle powder. First, Erupt features the key ingredients Creatine HCL, Betaine Anhydrous, and ElevATP. The Creatine HCL is so simple, but is a much needed supplement ingredient for athletes of all kinds. Creatine is already formed naturally in the human body, and we consume it on a daily basis, or at least on a weekly basis through meat as well. Supplementing creatine in a high, potent, dosage, like in Erupt, can dramatically elevate your Creatine stores in the body. Creatine is most commonly used by the bodies skeletal muscle for an instant energy source. Having excess creatine in the body, will dramatically improve workout load of the muscles, and help your reach your fitness goals. Now lets talk a little bit about Betaine Anhydrous in Erupt, it has several benefits that I will highlight. It protects cell function, and your bodies DNA function. The key benefit of Betaine Anhydrous is that it lowers homocysteine levels in the body. Homocysteine is a toxic chemical that your body produces on a daily basis. When the body breaks down meat, your body produces this amino acid as an effect. Lowering these levels of Homocysteine, reduces multiple negative symptoms in the body, and chances of future diseases.

Primeval Labs Engourge

Engourge is made to be more of a pump and blood flow support formula, more than anything else. Here is why, Engourge is stim-free pre-workout supplement. It is made for users who do not like, or cannot take stimulants. Stimulants, like Caffeine for example, or DMAA for example, can have a harsh negative effects on some people. However, the general population, or should I say the majority of the population, generally want stimulants in their pre-workout supplements. It is a fact that some people are more sensitive to stimulants, more than others. It's a fact that some people are more sensitive to certain ingredients in general, more than others. It all comes down to our DNA, and how, and why, we are different. With that being said, this is one of the reason we have three formulas, instead of one. At the end of the day, for the hardcore men, or women, you could essentially take all three pre-workouts, and stack them together if you think you can handle it. To do this I recommend that you first have a high tolerance for stimulants, and pump products. Here is a warning, don't take all three together, until you have taken all three separate at least first, please! This way you will know the ends and outs of these products before stacking all three. Engourge uses a synergy blend of seven ingredients that are designed by Primeval Labs to enhance blood flow, and muscle pumps dramatically. What is the main purpose of this effect in a nutshell? Well, if you are experienced with pre-workouts then you already know that having increased blood flow, increases the workout load you can put out, rep for rep, set after set, when working out hard. Users might be able to get that one more rep, in addition to what they would have gotten without Engourge. By having increased blood flow and muscle pumps, the users body gets accelerated oxygen delivery and nutrients faster than normal. Supplying the bodies muscle with much need resources. At the same time it helps get rid of lactic acid buildup faster on the other end of the spectrum, as an added benefit. A good way to describe the feeling, its that the fatigue feeling at the last rep of a heavy set is delayed, for a few more reps, longer than normal. This allows the user to put on more weight before getting fatigued. Increased blood flow also helps with muscle soreness, post-workout.

Primeval Labs Adrenal Rush

Adrenal Rush is my opinion, the flag ship pre-workout, or if you stacking them, the core of the three. Adrenal Rush is an all-in-one pre-workout formula that is designed to increase blood flow. It will provide mind blowing muscle pumps, intense energy, endurance, and strength. This product was made and designed by Primeval Labs with one main goal in mind. This goal was to be "the most hardcore pre-workout supplements in the world". The company combined the most relevant, most recent accurate research, and applied it to the proprietary blend that you consume in every single serving.  A news press released by the company stated that, the reason Primeval Labs products are superior, is because we use no fillers, and we use the best quality raws avaialble in all of our supplements, our new pre-workouts are NO different.