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Pre-workout Supplement Dr. Jekyll Supplement Review | LegendarySupplements.com - Legendary Supplements Official Supplement Store

Pre-workout Supplement Dr. Jekyll Supplement Review | LegendarySupplements.com

Posted by Cody Smith on 4th Dec 2014

LegendarySupplements.com fan Branden Lee was nice enough to recently write a review on his recent experience with Dr. Jekyll Pro Supps pre workout supplement. Dr. Jekyll is pre-workout supplement formula designed by supplement brand giant Pro Supps. It was designed to Pro Supps to be an ultimate pre-workout energy formula, to boost energy and mental focus to enhance overall workout performance.

Branden Tee Dr. Jekyll Review

ProSupps has always been one of top tier supplement brands that I like. So when I saw Legendary Supplements stating they now carry Dr. Jekyll and it was by my brand ProSupps! And that they were giving away the free creatine. I was like what the H***, Ill give it a try. What were the positive effects when I took the Dr. Jekyll pre-workout? I noticed this supplement working the best on Wednesdays on my leg days. I do a combination of three different workouts, but I always include squat to start my leg day off. I got off work about five in the afternoon and I took one scoop of Pro Supps preworkout about thirty minutes before I headed to gym to work legs. I noticed it kicking in about ten minutes later and by the time I made it to the gym and started racking my squad rack I felt explosive energy running trough me. Throughout my squad presses I exploded through my sets and it felt amazing. Took allot of the mental resistance I normally have away and made me have a really productive workout.