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Ostarine "SARM" Information at LegendarySupplements.com

Posted by Ally on 19th Oct 2015


Supplements 101 - Ostarine


Sounds like something you hear about in high school chemistry. Sounds like another one of those bodybuilding big words that you see on the lists of illegal substances. Frankly, just sounds foreign to you. Right?

Well Ostarine is actually legal and far safer than steroids and prohormones (so tell your panicked, over-protective mother to calm down.) It belongs to a relatively new class of supplements known as SARMs, or selective androgen receptor modules. These pioneers on the market are designed to not only prevent loss of muscle but also build it. And they’ve been shown to do so quite well! The SARMs work in a way similar to steroids but without having the negative effects on the sex hormones that steroids do.

To understand this, let’s first look at that “androgen receptor”. The androgen receptor is the signal pathway on a tissue cell that allows androgens (the most well-known of which: Testosterone) to enhance muscle growth, speed fat loss, and increase bone density. Receptor modulators are capable of stimulating these receptors without the unwanted side effects that androgenic steroids cause. They are basically mimicking the effects of the steroids. The SARMs were initially developed to find non-steroidal treatments for muscle wasting diseases such as osteoporosis and certain cancers but have been found to have great benefits for bodybuilders and performance athletes.

Ostarine can be used during both cutting and bulking phases and is ideal for gaining muscle while cutting body fat at the same time. Although the effects won’t be as strong as those of the banned anabolic steroids, the strength of Ostarine is still outstanding when it comes to building lean muscle mass.

One of the greatest benefits of Ostarine is that it is safe for women. Due to hormonal differences women have a harder time putting on muscle. Some women have turned to steroids in the past to make up for their genetic differences but we’ve all seen the horror stories of those long-term side effects (if you’re brave check out this article to see those negative side effects I’m talking about http://www.oddee.com/item_99125.aspx ). Women have an increased sensitivity to anabolics and thus have shown even stronger results with SARMs then men. Ostarine allows women to build muscle but maintain that cherished femininity!

The typical cycle recommendation is to use Ostarine for 6 to 8 weeks and then cycle off for a 6 to 8 week period. Because the half-life is 24 hours it can be taken daily and at any time. Recommend dosing for men is 20-30 mg daily and 10-15 mg daily for women.

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