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Nuclear X Pre-workout By Met-Rx - Beta Alkaline

Posted by Cody Smith on 25th Jun 2014

Nuclear X pre-workout By Met-Rx - Beta Alkaline

Nuclear X By Met-Rx contains the powerful ingredient Beta Alkaline. We wanted to address what Beta Alkaline is, and how it is beneficial to use in a supplement. A lot of popular pre-workouts supplements brands such as Met-Rx are now using Beta Alkaline more than ever in their supplements. Beta Alkaline is proven to be effective time and time again. 

Here is some information on one of the main ingredients in Nuclear X By Met-Rx (Beta Alkaline)

Beta Alkaline - is an non-essential amino acid. A non-essential amino acid is one that is not required to be taken in by your diet, because your body can create it. They are still necessary for you body to a have for the synthesis of proteins although. The Beta Aline in Nuclear X is actually called CarnoSyn® beta-alanine. What most people don't know that is's actually not the Beta-Alanine amino acide you want or need in pre-workout supplemnts. But it is actually what the beta-alanine converts to when it combines with a naturally occurring histidine. After beta-alanine combines with this histidine it effectively increases carnosine in muscle tissue in the human body. Carnosine has many benefits including faster recovery times, and peak performance levels levels during workouts.

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Commonly asked questions

Why can dietary sports supplements such as Nuclear X pre-workout By Met-Rx not just directly put the ingredient "Carnosine" in it, instead of putting Beta-Alanine? The answer is that Carnosine is very expensive to manufacture and would not be cost effective to directly put Carnosine over Beta-Allanine. Also another reason, and the main reason is that supplementing Carnosine is not effective. After ingested your body converts Carnosine into beta-alanine and histidine and you body absorbs only a very small amount. Only a very small amount actually gets absorbed trough your blood stream in this way. This is why Nuclear X pre-workout uses Beta-Alanine and your naturally occurring histidine to form it in your body. Through this effect you create Carnosine in your body naturally and a greater amount is released and absorbed in your blood stream.