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​How do I stay motivated to work out? - Legendary Supplements Official Supplement Store
​How do I stay motivated to work out?

​How do I stay motivated to work out?

Posted by Cody Smith on 10th Jun 2014

How do I stay motivated to work out?

Are you sitting around asking yourself how do I stay motivated to work out? If this is the question you are asking yourself right now, the simple hard truth is that there can be a thousand excuses to not workout. When you have long hours or stress at work, kids, college, or chores to do around the house, sometimes it can get really crazy and it can be really hard to fit everything into your busy lifestyle. It is really easy for first thing to let go on your to-do list is your regular exercise regimen. Let’s go back to original question. How do I stay motivated to work out?

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Ok so firstly sit down and picture how you want to look feel long-term. If you are more visual person, you can grab a pin and a piece of paper. Think about all the reasons you started working out in the first place and why it's worth it to squeeze in your workouts, even if it's a ten minute run around the neighborhood. After you compiled your list realize that some of your pros at the very lease should be that fitness is proven to relieve stress, decrease the chance of heart disease, decrease the chance of having high of blood pressure, decrease the chance of being overweight, and it can also be very social and fun with friends.

People sometimes forget that fitness can be made up literally dozens and dozens of activates. A lot of people get stuck in the same rut of doing the same thing over and over and then of course they eventually can  get burnt out. If going to gym everyday feels like doing the same thing day after day, mix it up a little. Completely change you workout routine if you need to every four to six weeks. Not only will changing your routine help you stay motivated, but by trying something new and fresh it will also help keep your muscles guessing and growing so they cannot adapt as easy to muscle growth. With that being said some people just can't get into the gym routine. Here are some great fun alternatives. Biking, get into cycling! Riding a bike is a great way to get you off your feet and moving, best of all it is low impact on your joints compared to running. Walking, you could literally walk for miles every day, if you’re not use to walking you will be surprised how much better it can make you feel, walking is an excellent way to lose weight. Cross fit, it is fast passed and brutally hard for the average person. Cross fit is excellent way to rip up and get it shape quick, if you have a cross fit facility nearby it just may be what you are looking for.

Consider a pre-workout supplement. Taking a pre-workout supplement like C4 Extreme by Cellucor is great way to get you pumped up and excited about your workouts. Taking thirty to fourth-five minutes before a workout, pre-workouts like  can lift you up and give you the necessary energy you need to have an excellent workout. Legendary Supplements carries the top pre-workout supplements on the market including Cellucor C4 Extreme.

Here is some great advice to help you stay motivated.

  • Don't just be another member of society. Be a living example of your dreams and goals.
    • The secret to getting ahead is getting started.
    • It hurts now, but one day it will be your warm up.
    • You can only fail if you quit.
    • Even a bad run, or a jog that last five minutes is better than no run at all.

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