This is my personal Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-AD review. Let me start out by saying that I am a big fan of Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals, but in know way associated with the company. One of the reason is their delivery technology they included in their supplements. This is the only brand, or manufacture I should say that I know of that included pharmaceutical grape delivery technology in their products. 1-AD worked very well for me personally. I wanted a product that help my libido and muscle recovery. I'm 47 and my hormones are not what they use to be, and I don't mind speaking the truth, it's normal my age. 1-AD increased my libido ten fold, and i'm not kidding. For me this was major positive, but not really why I started taking it in the first place. Then in addition, I noticed that my recovery times between workouts were better. I felt more energy inside and out side the gym. But more than anything my muscle stamina was a lot better. I felt like I had muscle stamina and recovery again. Since this supplement increases to testosterone, I can only infer that this is because it increased my testosterone levels, leading to faster recovery, and better muscle stamina.

This review is my personal review of this product, and I hope it helped to inform anyone wanting to try a test based suppelment.