Glycolog: Blackstone Labs - Facts, Review, Usage, Side Effects, Information |

Supplement Expert Cody Smith explains how Blackstone Labs Glycolog, including a review of side effects, uses, benefits, and where to buy this anabolic insulin supplement online at the lowest price.

Glycolog Maximizes Insulin Utilization In Users

This product claim to fame is its ability maximize insulin utilization in an anabolic way, instead of a catabolic way. What does this mean for users? Glycolog takes manipulates enzymes in the body that are responsible for key roles in the synthesis of how your body uses amino acids and available Glycogen from carbohydrates consumption, and in return adds these to existing muscle tissue. It does this dividing your bodies insulin into parts, or separate areas. This effect crates a strong anabolic effect that lets your bodies insulin work anabolic for users, and not be catabolic. In theory Glycolog helps with fat loss, or at least weight gain anyway. The body will use insulin to help turn carbohydrates to energy for you muscle, instead of fat stores in effect.