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Dana Linn Bailey at Legendary Supplements

Posted by Cody Smith on

Dana Linn Bailey at Legendary Supplements

Dana Linn bailey is one of the most respected, elegant, and world renowned female bodybuilders at of the time of this news article, January, 16th, 2016. Known mostly for her ripped, lean, muscular physique. She not only maintains her physique, but adds additional lean muscle to her physique, year after year. Dana gets bigger, stronger, and leaner every year. In terms of a normal professional bodybuilding career, most other bodybuilders would say she actually got into weight lifting pretty late. However, as you can tell by the her pictures below, it obviously didn't affect her bodybuilding career. Dana Linn bailey did not actually start getting into lifting weights regularly until after her college years. However, she was in no way ever considered anything but extremely athletic, as she had a her whole life history, year after year, of playing multiple sports. She was definitely in shape, and very athletic up until the point were she started lifting seriously. In her pre-teen, and teen years, (school years), she played excessive sports, to the point where at some points, she would literally do nothing but sports, and wouldn't have no time for school or other activities. She would play up to two, to three sports at one time. Some of these sports/teams that she played on were traveling teams. This meant they were even more time consuming than a regular sports, because of the time commitment traveling to each game.

Dana Linn Bailey Supplement Brand at Legendary Supplements

Dana Linn Bailey Supplement Brand at Legendary Supplements

Fast forward to 2016, Dana Linn Bailey has earned the title's as the first women in history to win the IFFB physique, and the first women in history to win the Ms. Olympia. Both very notable, and honorable fitness events. In twenty sixteen, Dana and her boyfriend Rob have launched their own supplement brand, called  Run Everything Labs at Legendary Supplements

The  Onward supplement by Dana Linn Bailey that launched in early 2015, is Dana's first signature supplement. This supplement was designed in cooperation by both her and Rob. Onward is a unique supplement with multiple benefits, ranging from immune system, recovery, and mood enhancing capabilities.

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