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Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs Review at Legendary Supplements - Legendary Supplements Official Supplement Store

Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs Review at Legendary Supplements

Posted by Chris Rancher on 13th Apr 2016

This article is how  Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs helped me lose body fat, and gain nine pounds of lean muscle mass in the last eight weeks. Keep in mind, I kept to a pretty strict diet, exercise program, and was very motivated since I was taking Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs and new it would me transform to my idea fitness goal quicker. Keep reading to see my personal Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs review.

Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs Review

First let me give you my personal details, and in the last closing paragraph, ill tell you my stats again, so you see the stats that changed for me. By stats, i'm talking about body fat, weight gain or weight loss, strength increases, vascularity increases and things of this sort.

My name is Chris and I started working out about three months back. I weighed in at 245 Lbs. at the time of me starting to workout again. One day I woke up, and said to hell with this when looking down at my belly, and big double chin. I was thinking like dang, I really let myself go at my 9-5 bank job. So on my lunch break that day, (3 months ago), I decided to get a gym membership at planet fitness. I made myself a goal mentally to hit the gym six days a week, until I get back in shape. In my early twenty's I worked out consistently and was in the best shape of my life, but then as I said before, I let myself go.

The first few weeks, I actually found it very difficult to go to the gym daily. I want to hit the gym six days a week, but I was so sore from starting back, and being so out of shape. I felt miserable from day to day. I figured out after talking to a few friends that my diet was off some, and I was working out to hard, to fast, since I just started back. I thought, well dang, I want to be in shape before summer and don't want to take a step back. 

When I decided to start using Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs

About eight weeks I ordered Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs from Legendary Supplements. I had been researching legal supplements that increase testosterone. This is when I found out about 1-Andro prohormones, and how they convert to 1-Testosterone. After looking around I decided on Chosen 1. 

After it came in the mail, I started taking it right away, which again was about eight weeks ago. The first two weeks were disappointing to say the least. However, when week three started, I felt a lot of changes. It took a while but I felt increases in my libido, strength, stamina, and didn't feel as tired. From weeks three to eight, I noticed it wasn't as hard to get out bed in the morning after my six day a week strenuous workouts. I feel more energized and my libido was elevated to the point where sex is all I thought about. I actually liked that part yes, made me feel young again. 

In conclusion the main benefits I noticed was increased muscle stamina. From day to day, my muscle seemed to recovery faster and have more stamina and strength from day to day. This is main benefit I needed from this supplement. I'm very impressed after about eight weeks off i'm gonna do another eight week cycle of this Blackstone Labs product. I gained 9 pounds on the scale, but my belly does not stick on near as far as eight weeks prior, thus i'm counting this 9 pounds as good weight. I'm counting my 9 pounds I gained as lean muscle mass as I look leaner, more defined, and starting to look like I workout again.