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Caffeine Anhydrous ingredient in Oxy Amp Xtreme

Posted by Cody Smith on

Caffeine Anhydrous ingredient in Oxy Amp Xtreme

Oxy Amp Xtreme is a powerful complex supplement that contains a blend of ten powerful ingredients including the caffeine anhydrous ingredient in oxy amp xtreme. As you already probably know caffeine is available in a vast amounts of supplements and drinks a lot. So whats so great about it in Brand New Energy's Oxy Amp? Well in short it's only one powerful ingredient of ten total if this diet supplement. The Caffeine Anhydrous ingredient in Oxy Amp Xtreme is quality tested and is dosed at one hundred and fifty milligrams per capsule. You can rest assured you will feel the quality of every capsule from high doesed Caffeine Anhydrous in this fat burner. 

Oxy Amp Xtreme Diet Supplement By Brand New Energy

Brand New Eneregy named it Caffeine Anhydrous on the label because it is caffeine in it's most purest driest form so they can make it available in a capsule form and will fit with the other nine formulated ingredients in this mood enhancer. To put it simply Anhydrous basically means "no water". 

Caffeine in supplement form is fairly simply to understand. It is mild stimulant that is found in thousands and thousands of popular sport drinks, pre-workouts, coffee, and more in the USA and around the world. The Caffeine Anhydrous ingredient in Oxy Amp Xtreme acts no different than the caffeine you consume probably daily if not multiple times a day from your favorite beverages. Although Brand New Energy dosed this ingredient at a whooping 150 mg per capsule. That is very safe range, however at the same time it's equivalent to a cup and half or normal coffee. That's pretty great for mental alertness and a energy boost alone, not counting the other nine ingredinets loaded in every capsule. Caffeine is primary extracted from plants deriving form South Africa and is extracted from the plants leaves and nuts and manufactured in facility into a smooth powder that can be en-capsuled in supplement form like this one.