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Best Prohormones

Posted by Cody Smith on

Best Prohormones

We consistently get same questions from thousands of our fans every year. The question, what are the best prohormone supplements? This a broad question but it can be explained in theory. Firstly lets say that for conversation sake we are not going to count older prohormones that are not on the market anymore as you cannot puchase them if they are discontinued anyways. Second we will pick a few prohormones that are insanely popular this year. Now there are single stacks, double stacks, triple stacks, and quad stack prohormone supplements Legendary Supplements. Keep in mind that everyone responds differently to different prohormone ingredients and just because you can take a stronger dosaged prohormone, does not necessary mean you should if your a new user to prohormones at first. We will outline a few single stack prohormone supplements that would be great for new user of prohormones. We want to really put the spotlight today on Hard Rock prhormones today because they have some great good quality supplements, especially for new users.

For best single stack prohormones we have compiled a list several high dosage single stack supplements by a very reputable brand Hard Rock supplements. This brand has high quality raw ingredients that are potent and will be sure to get the job done. Pro Mag 25 prohormone by Hard Rock has 25mg of Promagon. This supplement is great for first time users wanting lean mass gains without hardly any water retention at all. Pro Mag is great for the user wanting a lean physique, the user wanting to only gain solid lean muscle mass for more the ripped look instead of just straight up overall mass gains. Halo Plex prohormone by Hard Rock has 25mg of Halodrol per serving, it is also a single stack. For a first time user Halo Plex can be a great mass gainer with very good increases in strength as well. Halodrol can have slight water weight on some users but water weight is very minimal appeared intense bulking wet prohormones. Great for improving vascularity. These supplements are great for new users of prohormones as they have very minimal side effects and can have some amazing effects on the average user.