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2,3-epithio-17a-methyletioallocholan-17b-ol Or Epistane Review Profile - Legendary Supplements Official Supplement Store
2,3-epithio-17a-methyletioallocholan-17b-ol Or Epistane Review Profile

2,3-epithio-17a-methyletioallocholan-17b-ol Or Epistane Review Profile

Posted by Cody Smith on 10th Jun 2014

2,3-epithio-17a-methyletioallocholan-17b-ol  Epistane


With so many questions out there about Epistane, we have compiled a brief summary of this prohormone supplement.We also tried to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Epi. Epistane or its chemical name 2,3-epithio-17a-methyletioallocholan-17b-ol is a designer prohormone. Epistane is DHT derived prohormone. DHT is a male sex hormone, an androgen. It is closely resembles the male hormone testosterone. It is very widely used in the US and elsewhere. Its popularity comes from it widely being so great at helping men to gain lean muscle mass gains, in the short amount of time of only of four to six weeks.


Do I have to worry about estrogen or bloating on Epistane? This prohormone does not aromatase (convert to estrogen). 2,3-epithio-17a-methyletioallocholan-17b-ol does not typically have any estrogen related side-effects or bloating. This also mean that users do not have to worry about gyno. The main effect that makes this prohormone so popular is its ability to product lean, solid muscle gains. Guys typically cycle Epistane when their trying to achieve cutting goals and are trying to slim down and tighten up for a more ripped physique.

What is the recommended dosage of Epistane prohormone? For beginners, Epistane should be taken in divided dosages. Let’s say you buy a supplement like IBE Epistane at Legendary Supplements. This supplements has 10 mg capsules for example, you should take two to three capsules a day in divided dosages for a total of 30 mg a day of this prohormone to see very good effects.

Is PCT or Post Cycle Therapy recommended with Epistane?

Absolutely, following this prohormone you should use a PCT to stabilize your hormone levels. Taking post cycle therapy helps you to keep your gains

Is this prohormone legal in the USA?

Yes, supplements containing the chemical 2,3-epithio-17a-methyletioallocholan-17b-ol or “epistane” are 100% legal. All of the prohormones and dietary supplements at Legendary Supplements are always 100% legal and are manufactured in the USA.

Most popular Epistane supplement?

This is tough question but looking at our analytics and sales history and Legendary Supplements, we compiled a list of our top selling and most popular prohormones that contain Epistane in them.

1. IBE Epistane.

2. Havoc By RPN

3 Epi 15 By Gentech Pharma Labs (GPL)

4. Epi Smash By Blackstone Labs

5. Epi 10 By LGI