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Glycolog: Blackstone Labs - Facts, Review, Usage, Side Effects, Information |

Posted by Cody Smith on

Supplement Expert Cody Smith explains how Blackstone Labs Glycolog, including a review of side effects, uses, benefits, and where to buy this anabolic insulin supplement online at the lowest price.

Glycolog Maximizes Insulin Utilization In Users

This product claim to fame is its ability maximize insulin utilization in an anabolic way, instead of a catabolic way. What does this mean for users? Glycolog takes manipulates enzymes in the body that are responsible for key roles in the synthesis of how your body uses amino acids and available Glycogen from carbohydrates consumption, and in return adds these to existing muscle tissue. It does this dividing your bodies insulin into parts, or separate areas. This effect crates a strong anabolic effect that lets your bodies insulin work anabolic for users, and not be catabolic. In theory Glycolog helps with fat loss, or at least weight gain anyway. The body will use insulin to help turn carbohydrates to energy for you muscle, instead of fat stores in effect.

Synadrene |

So it looks like everyone is thinking they will buy Synadrene, lets talk about Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Syandrene at Legendary Supplements with Cody Smith, on 10/06/16,  in the United States. Synadrene Today were gonna talk about Synadrene, it is available in our store to purchase online from the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, India, France, [...]

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Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-AD review by Mark Richard at Legendary Supplements

This is my personal Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals 1-AD review. Let me start out by saying that I am a big fan of Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals, but in know way associated with the company. One of the reason is their delivery technology they included in their supplements. This is the only brand, or manufacture I should say [...]

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APS Nutrition Mesomorph Highlights at Legendary Supplements

Mesomorph pre-workout is an advanced pre-workout formula, designed to increase pump and blood flow, energy and stamina. This product is not for the faint of heart, or amateur stimulant user. If your new to pre-workout or stimulant products, we recommend starting with half a scoop of APS Nutrition Mesomorph.  APS Nutrition Mesomorph Highlights - Mental focus - Vascular muscle pumps - Maximum [...]

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Prohormone Guide 2016 at Legendary Supplements

The prohormone guide 2016 is the amateur users guide to the top prohormones available in 2016. We will discuss the top ingredients available on the market, and a few of the top prohormones that have these ingredients. Will also list the key benefits of each ingredient, as reports by our experts at Legendary Supplements. Prohormone Guide 2016 As most hard-core [...]

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Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs Review at Legendary Supplements

This article is how  Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs helped me lose body fat, and gain nine pounds of lean muscle mass in the last eight weeks. Keep in mind, I kept to a pretty strict diet, exercise program, and was very motivated since I was taking Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs and new it would me transform to my idea fitness [...]

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Primeval Labs Jerry Ward Official pre-workout release at Legendary Supplements

Primeval Labs Pre-workout insanity! Jerry Ward officially releases three new pre-workout formulations for the everyday user. No matter what you fitness goal maybe, endurance, strength, muscle size and volume, or maybe something else?  Primeval Labs pre-workout supplements have you covered. Three respectively different formulas, designed by the company to target the most common user goals. Check out Jerry Ward's official release [...]

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Dana Linn Bailey at Legendary Supplements

Dana Linn bailey is one of the most respected, elegant, and world renowned female bodybuilders at of the time of this news article, January, 16th, 2016. Known mostly for her ripped, lean, muscular physique. She not only maintains her physique, but adds additional lean muscle to her physique, year after year. Dana gets bigger, stronger, and leaner every [...]

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Laxogenin official guide, info, and review at Legendary Supplements

Laxogenin is one of the most popular pro-anabolic hardcore ingredient available in 2016, in the United States. The funny thing it is; it is an all-natural ingredient that is not synthetically lab made like prohormones or steroids. However, it's muscle building properties could easily be compared to some prohormones and steroids available. This plant extract when consumed, increase protein synthesis [...]

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Pre-workout Supplements at Legendary Supplements

Pre-Workout Supplements It seems everywhere you turn these days there are new pre-workout formulas flooding the shelves. And without a basic understanding of pre-workout supplements, and their vast variety of ingredients, it can be difficult to know just what you should use. Pre-workouts are designed to increase your performance in the gym through some combination of added strength, [...]

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