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Blackstone Labs Growth at Legendary Supplements

Blackstone Labs Growth at Legendary Supplements

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Blackstone Labs Growth

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Blackstone Labs Growth HGH formula is a growth matrix blend consisting of 2,250mg in every serving. Blackstone Labs designed the growth HGH supplement with one very specific goal in mind. This goal was increase HGH levels in the body naturally, with legal ingredients. Blackstone Labs growth delivers, where other companies HGH supplements have failed miserably. Over the past decade or longer, dozens of HGH growth supplements have come out in the supplement industry. Over 99% of these supplements have marketed that their products increase HGH, and it’s positive effects. These supplement products have failed miserably, and most get discontinued and never become main-stream, or well-known. Now entering into 2016, Growth Blackstone Labs is one of the #1 contenders for the best legal HGH supplements on the market today. 


Introducing Blackstone Labs Growth


Blackstone Labs Growth starts working within minutes after taking your first pill, that’s right, minutes! The company set out to create the ultimate HGH releasing product, the result was Growth. The company set out to find out a way to make L-Doba, “the leading HGH legal ingredient”; to be able to cross the blood brain barrier. L-Dopa in scientific studies is proven increase dopamine levels, which in return elevate HGH release in the body. However, every supplement in the past has failed to make their HGH L-Dopa supplements actually work. This is because in studies, the L-Dopa gets absorbed in the blood stream and never actually makes it to it’s finally location. 


How does Blackstone Labs Growth increase HGH levels?


Growth utilizes a L-Dopa derivative to get around the problem of L-Dopa not being able to cross the blood brain barrier. This causes and surge, or increase in Dopamine levels in the body. The elevated Dopamine levels increase the production of HGH levels in return. According to a Blackstone Labs press release, “HGH production went through the roof by 221% in just one dose!”. Blackstone Labs Growth truly is a marvel product for being able to get around this problem, and making a HGH supplement you can actually feel working. 


Growth by Blackstone Labs Highlights


Product Highlights:

  • Increase in muscle tissue recovery rate
  • Improves regeneration rate of hair, skin and nails
  • Helps support a leaner more toned physique
  • Dramatically help improve your bodies deep sleep cycles, allowing you to be more energized, more superior you 


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    Interesting Product

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Jan 2014

    I have been taking 4 caps a night and it is great as a sleep aid at one bottle. Gets you into that deep sleep. With funky dreams and all. Does it increase Growth Hormone? I absolutely suspect it does but one needs at least two months on it to really gauge that on one's physique. i absolutely recommend this product.