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Blackstone Labs Fast Food at Legendary Supplements

Blackstone Labs Fast Food

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Blackstone Labs Fast Food

Hey guy's, and women, Cody here, check out our newest product Fast Food. 10/04/16 - Cody

Blackstone Labs Fast Food at Legendary Supplements

Here at Legendary Supplements, we are proud to introduce Blackstone Labs Fast Food meal replacement carbohydrate drink. This supplement definitely seems to be intended for hardcore athletes out there wanting to supplement their diets with increased carbs, increase in fat intake, increase in protein, all likely all three of these. Fast Food was made with intent of providing a high quality meal replacement drink, that is make with real food. According to news from Blackstone Labs official website, it states that Fast Food is made with 100% real food sources during it's manufacturing. Now you may be asking yourself is Blackstone Labs Fast Food right for me? Stay with me here and we will break down the in's and out's of this new product here at Legendary Supplements.


How is Blackstone Labs Fast Food made with all real food sources?

The ingredients are in a proprietary blend, and include the ingredients certified organic pea protein isolate, Certified Organic Brown Rice Protein, Sweet Potato Powder, Wild Yam, Organic Oat Flour, MCT powder, Coconut Water Powder, D-Ribose, Natural and Artificial Flavors Xanthin Gum, Soy Lecithin, Ace-Sulfate Potassium, Cocoa (Processed with Alkali), Sucralose, Lactase, Papain. The company really tried to use all natural ingredients, and pulled it off with this Blackstone Labs Fast Food proprietary blend formula. The protein is plant protein, the product is even friendly for vegetarians. Only a small amount of whey protein is derived from lecithin and dairy sources. And even these dairy and lecithin sources were added for better mix-ability of the overall formula.


Who should use Blackstone Labs Fast Food?

This product if friendly for any user, big or small, young or old. It's non hormonal, and is essentially 100% real food. This is why it is safe for anyone and everyone, women and men. Users that want a good source of carbohydrates, and are lacking it in the diets, would benefit greatly from the use of Blackstone Labs Fast Food. A little tip here from Legendary Supplements. Two of of the best complex carbohydrates our bodies can consume, and sweet potatoes, and yams. Im my expert opinion first being yams, and second being sweet potatoes. The third being oats. This product literally implements the first and second best complex carbohydrate out there, in one single supplement, in one serving as well. Wow! This biggest and best part of this supplement is is carbohydrate formula. The worst part is it's proprietary blend. This supplement is marked as a weight gainer, slash meal replacement. However, I don't believe that users have to be scared about gaining unwanted body fat with this supplement if you use it right. Let me explain further. Carbohydrates are essential to a bodybuilders diet, and not only that it is essential to take them in at the necessary times during the day. For instance pre-training and post workout are two of the best times to take Blackstone Labs Fast Food. If you have a strenuous workout, that is at least several times a week, and only use this supplement pre and post workouts on your workout days, you will not gain unwanted body fat. At-least this can be true for the average person out there. Carbohydrates are essential to replenishing the glycogen in the muscle post-workout. And can help greatly as well pre-training to give you the necessary energy and stamina you need to life your weights!


Can women use Blackstone Labs Fast Food?

Absolutely women can use this product. We advise that since the majority of women are looking for a toned, ripped physique out there, that you just assess your goals in accordance with taking Fast Food. This means that most guys are not as concerned over their calorie, carb, and fat intake as the conscious women. Just consider the calories, fat, protein, and carbs in Blackstone Labs Fast Food and make sure you don't go over you desired daily goals on these and you will be good and happy.