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Blackstone Labs Orthobolic Superior Joint Support Formula

Blackstone Labs Orthobolic

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Blackstone Labs Orthobolic represents the ultimate all-natural joint support formula developed for hard-training athletes

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In order to make big gains, you have to be willing to push your body to its absolute limits. The upside to this is increased strength, muscle mass, speed, and power. However, with those gains, comes the unfortunate side effects of achy knees, cranky shoulders, and lower back pain.


Being in constant pain sucks, and if it gets bad enough, you might be tempted to give up your life of lifting all together. But, those days of chronic pain and discomfort are long gone thanks to Blackstone Labs!


Orthobolic is the most powerful all natural joint supplement ever created.


Each dose provides your daily remedy to all the aches and pains accumulated over the many years of heavy lifting. Orthobolic contains 5 clinically proven ingredients shown to relieve joint pain, restore joint mobility, accelerate recovery, and improve quality of life. Blackstone Labs has employed a multi-faceted approach to joint support by including ingredients that not only provides relief, but also serves to restore and rebuild the damaged and worn out areas of your joints -- ensuring your body comes back stronger following each day’s weight room beatdown.


Orthobolic is ideal for powerlifters, bodybuilders, Crossfitters, weekend warriors, and other recreational athletes. You’ll feel less sore, stiff, achy, and uncomfortable, allowing you to continually Bring It in the weight room and ensure a lifetime of productive lifting!


Benefits of Orthobolic


Orthobolic uses only all-natural ingredients to create a formula designed to improve joint mobility and strength, as well as reduce discomfort, aches, and pains.


  • Eliminate achy joints

  • Lower inflammation

  • Restores joint mobility

  • Strengthen cartilage and connective tissue

  • Reduce joint pain

  • Accelerate recovery



Orthobolic Ingredients




Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) is a naturally occurring fatty acid that acts as a natural anti-inflammatory compound in the body. It works primarily by PPAR alpha activation, which helps to suppress certain inflammatory responses in the body.

Additionally, PEA reduces the activation of mast cells, white blood cells that release pro-inflammatory mediators including histamines, prostaglandins, cytokines, and reactive oxygen species(ROS). Inflammation is one of the leading causes of joint pain and degradation, and Orthobolic puts the clamps on inflammation at the source!

Other research on PEA indicates it may bind to COX-2, just like ibuprofen, as well as the endocannabinoid receptors of the body, which can reduce inflammation and pain.



Boswellia Serrata


Boswellia Serrata is an all natural inhibitor of lipoxygenase-5 (LOX-5), which blocks the conversion of fatty acids into various leukotrienes such as prostaglandins, histamines, and other proinflammatory compounds.

Boswellia is loaded with a number of assorted powerful compounds, including Boswellic Acid, which has been shown to reduce joint pain by as much as 70% and joint stiffness by 63% in only 7 days! Furthermore, boswellia inhibits MMP-3 activity, protecting your joints against collagen breakdown.


Curcumin -- containing 95% Curcuminoids


Curcumin is the active constituent of Turmeric, a spice frequently used in Indian cooking. Curcurmin is loaded with potent compounds known as curcuminoids which function as powerful anti-inflammatory compounds in the body helping combat acute and chronic inflammation in the body.

Curcumin inhibits cytokine production and down-regulates COX-2 activity (similar to Ibuprofen). Clinical trials using curcumin has found that the compound can decrease swollen joints and tenderness by up to 70%!

Moreover, Curcumin also increases anti-inflammatory activity in the body, as well as free radical scavenging, which decreases ROS. Blackstone Labs has also included the patented black pepper extract, BioPerine, which has been shown to enhance the bioavailability of curcumin by 2000%!



Cissus Quadrangularis


Cissus Quadrangularis is a medicinal plant routinely used in Ayurvedic medicine for a number of different ailments, including broken bones, damaged tendons, and injured ligaments. Cissus is jam-packed with several compounds documented to mobilize blast cells to damaged areas of the body. These compounds support retention of mucopolysaccharides, calcium, phosphorous, and collagen, which provide the requisite “building blocks” for tissue repair.


Cissus also acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory compound helping to reduce swelling, aches and pains, which accumulate over years of heavy lifting. And, cissus also inhibits the release of neutrophils and cytokines, which are released to injured areas of the body and can contribute to inflammation.




UC-II is a patented form of undenatured type II collagen derived from chicken sternum, providing 10mg total collagen, that assists your body with removing damaged collagen and tissues. It can also aid in the repair of damaged areas as well.


UC-II has been shown to increase anti-inflammatory cytokines production, as well as help restore cartilage. Research shows that using UC-II just once per day can reduce pain levels by 33% as determined by the top three joint assessment protocols used in orthopedics (WOMAC, VAS, and Lequesne). Moreover, UC-II also helps individuals reduce their use of over the counter pain medications by 67% within the first 30 days of supplementation.




Used prevalently throughout the industry, BioPerine is the premier patented form of black pepper extract included to enhance the absorption and bioavailability of all the other joint support ingredients in Orthobolic. In fact, research has shown that BioPerine can increase the bioavailability of curcumin by as much as 2000%.

This compound ensures that what you put in your body goes to work right away, and doesn’t go to waste!



Consume 1 serving (2 capsules) per day with a glass of water. Do not exceed 1 serving per day.