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Blackstone Labs Glycolog | LegendarySupplements.com

Blackstone Labs Glycolog | LegendarySupplements.com

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Blackstone Labs GlycoLog

Blackstone Labs GlycoLog is newly released supplement from Blackstone Labs Guerrilla Chemist at Legendary Supplements. GlycoLog is desinged target the positive muscle building effects of insulin. GlycoLog is not insulin itself, however it helps its users turn carbohydrates from food, into insulin the body can use for muscle growth, and not stored and turned into fat.


Blackstone Labs GlycoLog Highlights


  • Increased delivery and absorption of nutrients other that carbohydrate
  • Increased delivery of carbohydrates
  • Naturally mimics the positive muscle building effects of insulin
  • Increased carb intake by your cell
  • Helps support lean real muscle mass that you can keep
  • Increased recovery time in overall muscle stamina and energy
  • How does Blackstone Labs GlycoLog work?


In a news press releases about Blackstone Labs GlycoLog; from the company, they state that GlycoLog is a “Extreme Insulin Mimetic & Nutrient Partitioning Agent”. To break this down, this means that this product will help the users bodies cells absorb more glucose from carbohydrates. It accomplishes this manipulating or mimicking the positive effects insulin. Depending on your bodies chemistry, or genetics, is the proper definition, greatly depends on how you body your body processes, stores, and uses energy from carbohydrates. People that are not gifted, can in theory have a high intake of carbohydrates, and their body can use only a minimal amount of the glucose from those carbs for positive energy for muscles. This is because their insulin isn’t the idea setting for cells to be able to absorb glucose at an accelerated rate. GlycoLog makes the idea anabolic environment in the body so that your body has the positive benefits on insulin, and in return your bodies cells can absorb and store more glucose. 


Blackstone Labs Glycolog


GlycoLogo Supplement Facts


Serving Size 3 capsules

Servings Per Container 60


Amount Per Serving    Daily Value


Chromium ( as Chromium Polynicotinate )     300mg  250%

10:1 Glmnema Leaf Extract                            1g

(Gymnema sylvestre)

(Std. to 25% Gymnemic Acids)                      500mg

Super Berberine                                             300mg

(Berberine-Cyclodextrin Complex)

25:1 Cinnamon Bark Extract                           250mg

(Cinnamomum cassia)

(30% Polyphenols)

Sodium R-Lipoate                                         150mg

BioPerine                                                          5mg

(Black Pepper Fruit)(Extract)

(Std. to 95% Piperine)


Daily Value (DV) Not Established

Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet


Other Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide

Blackstone Labs Glycolog

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