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Blackstone Labs Epi-Test at Legendary Supplements

Blackstone Labs Epi Test

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Blackstone Labs Epi Test

Blackstone Labs Epi-Test


Blackstone Labs Epi-Test is "Epicatechin Infused Testosterone Formula at Legendary Supplements. Epi-Test was originally formulated and designed by Blackstone Labs to be an Australian (country) exclusive. However, do the the immense popularaity of it, certain retailers are now allowed to carry in the USA. With this being said, Blackstone Labs Epi-Test if designed to increase testosterone, while suppressing Myostatin in the body.


How does Blackstone Labs Epi-Test work?

This product will increase natural testosterone production in the body. This supplement will also reduce, or suppress the release of Myostatin in the body. 

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