The date is December, twelfth, twenty fifteen, and Blackstone Labs just released its newest hard-core prohormone supplement, Chosen 1. It seems like all the main stream hard-core companies we all know and love were going in the direction of "SARMS" like Ostarine. However, with legal issues with pharmaceutical companies, it looks like Blackstone Labs discontinued all their sarm-like supplements. With the SARM area over, you’re now going to see hardcore ingredients of the past (1-Andro, and (4-Andro) become the hits and supplement of choice, of the modern day. Blackstone is introducing its new line of Andros with what is scientifically called the Liposomal Delivery System, giving the brand an edge in the Andro market until other companies implement this technology anyway. In this article were going to dive into what the Liposomal Delivery System really does, and how it makes Chosen 1 by Blackstone Labs, and Brutal 4CE by Blackstone Labs different than other androstene prohormones currently on the market.


Liposomal Delivery System Highlights:

  • Long history of use in medial prescription drugs, for better delivery of drugs
  • Hydrophobic core not only protects the molecules for being completely annihilated, but overall help it dissolve into the blood stream for better absorption


Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs Liposomal Delivery System

Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs Liposomal Delivery System


To make Liposomal Delivery System easier to understand, think of it as vessel, a special vessel that protects its contents, without it, the ingredients in question that are to be delivered, are going in without a shield. What Blackstone Labs did with their Chosen 1, is basically protect the ingredient from getting destroyed by putting it inside a Liposome. This allows it to make it to its destination more safely, and has better chance of being processed and released into the bodies bloodstream for absorption. Liposomal are for the most part made up of Lipids, that actually act as a cell membrane artificially. A good way to look at Liposome technology, is to think of it as an artificially delivery cell/capsule for your package.