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Blackstone Labs Angel Dust V2 at Legendary Supplements

Blackstone Labs Angel Dust V2 at Legendary Supplements

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Blackstone Labs Angel Dust V2
Blackstone Labs Angel Dust V2

Your prayers for the ultimate pre-workout have graciously been answered by Blackstone Labs’ Angel Dust V2, one of the newest, and strongest pre-workout formulas available to the public! This version is just as potent as the originally released Angel Dust Extreme, but Angel Dust V2 has been professionally designed with a different approach to the consumer. After endless research and analyzing customer reviews Blackstone Labs’ decided to begin research for the highest quality ingredients on the market to create the ultimate formula. As the first rendering of Angel Dust was being perfected, the creators found that it was most beneficial for the blend to contain compounds such as creatine monohydrate, and D-aspartic acid (DAA); which will naturally increase the body’s testosterone production levels, aiding in aggression and promoting muscular hydration along with protein synthesis, critical for the most optimal muscle production your body is capable of.


While this is an extremely important inclusion in the foundation, and essential for the perfect recipe, many athletes both male and female are looking for a pre-workout product of this intensity, without any testosterone altering agents. To achieve the desired result of such an incredible product, simply removing the unwanted ingredients would not be acceptable. The blend was completely reconstructed from the base ingredient, meaning the scientists at Blackstone Labs went “back to the drawing board” with an already perfected and greatly revered pre-workout for anyone who considers themselves an athlete.



Whether it’s increased strength, prolonged endurance and stamina, or just animalistic power and pumps, Angel Dust V2 is what you NEED! There is no excuse for mediocre after the release of Angel Dust V2, so why not Dust yourself off and get serious about YOUR gains??


Angel Dust V2 is available in four explosively delicious varieties, including Cotton Candy, Fruit Punch, Sour Gummy Bear and Watermelon. Not only does it taste like nectar of the Gods, but it will give you radically increased muscle mass and volume, by means of increased blood flow from dilated, or enlarged vascular tissue. Don’t be alarmed if fire hoses appear where your veins used to be! Simply mix with water and ingest Angel Dust V2 30-45 minutes before beginning any exercise regimen, then prepare yourself for the most intense gym experience you’ve ever had! Every single exercise will increase drastically in duration, and during this extended time you will have even more energy and stamina, so you can continue to push out reps, long past your normal exhaustion level. Almost every company claims to have the “most intense” or “highest concentrated” product available on the market, but Angel Dust V2 speaks for itself when you start seeing the results and feeling its power.


Another secret of Angel Dust V2 is highly increased mental awareness. By giving your mind more control, it allows the user to have total dominion over every muscle in your body. Having great muscle memory is a vital part of any physical exercise, and this is what separates the casual athlete from the serious bodybuilders. If you want more from your workouts, this is your master key. Unlock your body and mind with Angel Dust V2!


What makes this such an incredible tool to have in your arsenal? Among the most important being Beta Alanine and L-Carnitine Tartrate. These advanced compounds increase the body’s ability to metabolize and transport energy from fat tissue and fatty acids, fueling every muscle while simultaneously reducing the lactic acid that builds up during prolonged exertion. Lactic acid is responsible for soreness and fatigue, most obvious after working out and throughout the recovery stage. L-Taurine was included to improve your overall concept of the mind/body connection and promote ideal blood sugar levels with a lower blood pressure. Commonly included in popular energy drinks, and with good reason, Taurine works collaboratively with caffeine to also increase mental performance and speed. Citrulline Malate 2:1 also plays an important role in the delay of fatigue during any high-intensity activity by lowering the real-time ph levels within muscle fibers. An additional benefit of including Citrulline Malate is faster recovery times and reduced muscle pains after exercise, essentially eliminating common side-effects such as cramping, weakness, or jittery tingling sensations. N-Acetly-L Tyrosine’s benefits are: Positive mood enhancement, lower anxiety levels, and assistance with healthy blood pressure. Velvet Bean Extract is a neurotransmitter that promotes cognitive functions and speed up the brains neurokinetic output. Betaine Anhydrous also helps with various neurotransmitters vital to a positive psyche, or mood and supports body composition changes due to its effect on energy pathways. Research has shown it may also decrease homocysteine levels, which is a part of the detrimental process called oxidative stress. Basically, if you’re searching for an edge to maximize what you can achieve upgrade yourself to tcfz3he second version with Angel Dust V2!

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    My new go to pre-workout supplement

    Posted by Cj23 on 10th Jun 2016

    I have tried all sorts of pre-workout supplements, most claiming to be the best. Slot are made so strong you get the jitters,some do nothing at all and you waste your money either way. Usually just giving them to a buddy. Dust v2 does the job! The dosing of everything is right on. Great focus, energy that lasts, and some nice pumps. I have tried every flavor and they all taste great and mix very well and fast. I recommend that you pick up a tub. Heck pick up your from L.S. at a great price. Once you get it you'll be glad you did.

  • 5
    Dust V2 gave me excellent endurance and pumps in the gym.

    Posted by Jake on 20th Jan 2016

    During my workouts with Angel Dust V2 I was able to life significantly heavier weight do to the energy and oumos of this product. Way that than C4.