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Black Spider 25 by Cloma Pharma at Legendary Supplements

Black Spider 25 by Cloma Pharma at Legendary Supplements

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Black Spider 25 by Cloma Pharma at Legendary Supplements

Black Spider 25 by Cloma Pharma

Black Spider diet supplements is amazing for fat loss in most induviduals. With the powerful proven popular ingredients that speed you up and suppress your appetite. Cloma Pharma delivers one of its most potent fat loss supplement to date. Black Spider 25, or commonly know as Black Widow, is the famous bottle with the black widow on it! Legendary Supplements now offers this supplement at an industry leading price. If you’re tired of trying supplement after supplement with little to no effect then Cloma Pharma hard core fat burners could be just right for. Cloma Pharma specializes in making hard-core, hard hitting, fat melting fat burners that will sure to help melt the pounds away.



White Willow Ingredient: White willow is literally a bark extract from certain types of willow trees. White Willow is very similar to aspirin in effects and know around to world to help treat pain and for its weight loss properties.


The B6 and B12 vitamins help the body's enzymes to product energy and help overall nerve health.

Average weight loss with Black Spider diet supplement?

Average fat loss after cycling a four week supplement regimen of Black Widow is three to seven pounds on average. This of course can really only be determined by an individual’s life style, (how active you are daily) and your overall diet plan, (amount of calories you burn per day). You can infer for that this Cloma Pharma has proven ingredients that target fat loss a speed your daily calorie burning process, with intense energy boosting and thermogenic ingredients that sure to satisfy your goals. When supplementing Cloma Pharma Black Spider 25 with a healthy diet plan and fitness regimen this supplement should dramatically increase the amount of calories your burn daily and help shed the fat away.. 



Can Black Spider 25 be taken by women?

Yes this supplement was designed to be taken by girls and guys over the age of twenty one.


Black Widow Features 25mg of ephedra extract.

Ephedra Extract:  is a stimulant most commonly used in Chinese medicine. Ephedra Extract derived from the ephedra plant; however it does not contain the alkaloid ephedrine. Supplements containing Ephedra extract are known to produce thermogenic effects when processed through the body. This powerful compound stimulates the brain and raises your heart rate, increases blood pressure, and expands bronchial tubes making it easier to breathe. Users can expect their metabolism to increase due to the thermogenic properties. This in return heats your body and burns body fat. 


How to take Black spider diet supplement? 25

The manufacture "Cloma Pharma" does not recommend you take more than two capsule of Black Widow for every 24 hour period. You can take one capsule with breakfast and one capsule with lunch daily.



Black Spider 25 Supplement Facts

serving size: 1 capsule
serving per container: 100




Black Spider 25 Ingredients

Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCI)

Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin)

Chromium (as Chromium Picolinate)

ECA Proprietary Blend

Caffeine anhydrous

White Willow extract (bark)

Ephedra nevadensis PWD (leaves)

Black Spider stimulatin thermogenic ignition blend 421mg

Citrus aurantium extract (fruit)

Phenyethylamine HCL

Guarana extract (seed) (22% caffeine)

Yerba mate extract

yohimbe extract (bark) (8% yohimbine)

Cayenne pepper extract (40,000 heat units)

Green tea (95% polyphenols 40% EGCG)

Black tea (98% polyphenols)

Panax ginseng extract (room) (4% ginsenosides)

Ginger room PWD

Bladderwrack (whole thallus)

Theobromine (from theobroma cacao extract (seed)

Evodia rutaecarpa (fruit)

** Daily Value (DV) not established. Each serving supplies -280 mg caffeine.

Other ingredients: rice flour, magnesium stearate, FD&C blue 1, FD&C red 40, FD&C yellow 6, titanium dioxide, gelatin.

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  • 4
    This is good stuff

    Posted by Unknown on 20th May 2016

    I am always tired and this gives me enough energy to get through my day and my afternoon workout

  • 4
    Just received it

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Aug 2014

    I'm running circles around everyone else at work, we do drywall and it's really physical. This supplements makes it easier to get more done and makes me move around a lot more without crazy jitters of the last diet supplement I took.

  • 4
    Made me heat up a lot!!

    Posted by Bentley Huge on 8th Aug 2014

    This diet supplement worked fast, wast fast hitting, long energy, makes you hot (sweat a lot), is possible to crash but last forever like all day.

  • 5
    Very intense thermogenic

    Posted by Natalie Michel (Canada) on 7th Aug 2014

    Benifits I noticed personally when I took Cloma Pharma's Black Spider 25 diet pill.
    - Speeded me up a lot trough tout the whole day
    - Intense heat made me sweat more, (which I think led to the majority of my fat loss because of this)
    - Lost 6lbs in the last three weeks on this diet supplement!!!!

    - Noticed some jitters, and do not take late at night as it will keep you up all night, maybe one in morning, one like 6 hours later or at lunch is what I would do....

  • 5
    black spider diet supplement reviews

    Posted by Renae Evans on 5th Aug 2014

    I took this supplement because I was told it would give you insane eneregy.. Let me tell you this supplement gave more long lasting energy trough out my day than anything I have ever taken. Not only that it was clean energy that stimulated my mind as well, I could think so clear and felt amazing. Normally after thirty or forty five minutes I start to feel the energy craw up on me then it hits fast and I love it. The thermogenic effects I normally notice a hour or two later and I can tell the thermogenic ingredients work because I start sweating more and heat up. Insanely potent product ya -Renae