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BIOS3 Xanix Sleep and Anxiety Aid by Primeval Labs at Legendary Supplements

BIOS3 Xanix Sleep and Anxiety Aid by Primeval Labs at Legendary Supplements

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BIOS3 Xanix Sleep and Anxiety Aid by Primeval Labs at Legendary Supplements



Primeval Labs just released their newest, very unique, but I have to say exciting new supplement called Xanix. I know what you might be thinking, that stuff is illegal as hell. Well in reality if you thinking of prescription Xanax, then yes that shit is illegal. Don't get get Primeval Labs Xanix sleep and anxiety aid confused with Xanix that you get form your doctor, (or wherever you get it, not to judge you!). Xanix by Primeval has a lot of the same effects, but is completely legal in the United States as of March 22, 2016 when I wrote this article. In addition, I believe it will always be legal as well. This supplement has no banned substances and does NOT require a prescription of any kind. Primeval made the supplement for people suffering form anxiety, or people suffering from not being able to sleep. Now I bet you a have the questions, how could this supplement possible have those two effects at the same time? If I want it for anxiety during the day or morning, will it make me sleepy? This answer is incredibly simply. Let me explain in detail how it works. 


How does Primeval Labs Xanix work?

This product is directed to be taken at different dosages, depending on the desired effects. These directions are listed very clearly on the label below as well, I including the picture so you take a look yourself.  By taking on one scoop of Xanix, you achieve a falling off feeling of your anxiety. Whether you suffer from extreme anxiety, mild anxiety, or just want to take the edge off and relax in your free time, Primeval Labs Xanix can help. By taking one scope, Xanix goes to work to relieve stress fast. In has little as 45 minutes or less, you will feel relaxed, calm, and in a state of euphoria. By taking three scoops, Xanix goes to work to help your body relax so much, that you get the same effect as one scoop, but at obviously a more intense rate. Over time, 30 minutes to 1 hour, you will feel relaxed and sleepy and ready to for night of deep sleep. If you suffer from Insomnia, or just need help falling asleep, Xanix can help. 



What ingredients make Xanix by Primeval Labs possible?

According to to statement released by by the company, Xanix is BIOS3 approved and has the official BIOS3 seal on the bottle. What does this mean? Jerry Ward (BIOS3), a famous athlete, life trainer, and personal trainer with 20 plus years’ experience in the business, officially approved the Primeval Labs Xanix for sleep and anxiety aid relief. Jerry Ward is most know threw on YouTube, where he has developed a massive following of 100,000 plus followers that trust him, and support what he says.  


Key Ingredients :

  • Taurine - Included for it's antioxidant abilities, and it's ability support your bodies neurological nervous system. Never heard of it before? it's widely used all major enery drinks, check it our for yourself. Chanes are you have already used it. 
  • L-Tyrosine - It's an amino acid, an essential amino acid at that. Meaning in short, your body desperately needs it on a daily basis, but if you don't consume it, you won't get it. You must consume this amino acid, because your body does not make it. Part of the anxiety foruma developed in Xanix, it product noradrenaline and dopamine in the body.
  • Humanofort - Part of the sleep aid side of Xanix, it will increase your adrenal production, and help to stablilze it to it's more natural levels. This will your body with healtly sleep patterns.
  • 5-Hydroxytryptophan - Derived primarly from an African Plant species, it increases seratonin in the brain.


Primeval Labs Xanix, a revolutionary new Sleep and Anxiety aid by Primeval Labs. Xanix is BIOS3 approved and is now available at Legendary Supplements in watermelon flavor. 




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  • 5
    Great Sleep!

    Posted by STEVE BELLECI on 26th Jun 2017

    This is the best sleep aid ever.

  • 5
    Greatly surprised!!

    Posted by Tyrone C. on 31st May 2016

    Xanix is the real deal, it really exceeded my expectations. It does exactly what it claims and for me, I woke up refreshed. Good stuff for sure

  • 5
    BIOS3 Xanix Review

    Posted by Ben Zullapin on 22nd Mar 2016

    This supplement literally made knocked my on my butt after after and hour after taking it. I took three scoops for sleep help. I notices a major decrease in anxiety, and got super relaxed, then the drowsiness kicked in, then my lights were out, lol. Very cool, helps me pass out when I need to.