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ArimiT by UnderGround Pharma

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ArimiT by UnderGround Pharma

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Arimi T is a strong combination of natural testosterone booster (Cholorophytum Borivilanium), the strong detoxicant of the liver and the natural antioxidant (NAC). 
It also contains the specially developed ingredient Androst 4,5-diene-7, 17-dione, which is introduced onto the market as the inhibitor of aromatase and inhibitor of cortisol

Arimi T is the great product for the period after cycles - PCT. Thanks to it, you will maintain the gained kilograms of muscles, you will detoxify your liver and the whole organism, and you will start the formation of own testosterone. It is a perfect product not only after pro-hormone periods, but also after cycles with anabolic steroids.

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