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Andro Quad By Primeval Labs

Andro Quad V2 by Primeval Labs

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Andro Quad V2 by Primeval Labs
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Andro Quad V2 by Primeval Labs


Maximize Strength and Muscle Growth with Andro Quad™

Andro Quad™ Benefits:

• Support Muscle Growth
• Enhance Strength
• Increase Muscle Protein Synthesis
• Improve Physical Performance
• Promote Fat Loss

Primeval Labs has designed the ultimate game changer – Andro Quad™. This advanced formula takes a four-pronged approach to building mass and strength. Andro Quad™ combines Laxogenin, 1-Andro, 4-Andro, to deliver hard core results.

Andro Quad contains 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin.

Boost Protein Synthesis

Andro Quad™ charges out of the gate with Laxogenin, a steroidal sapinogen synthetically derived from the plant Smilax Sieboldii. It is considered a Brassinosteroid, a classification of polyhydroxysteroids synthesized from plant sources. Research suggests that Brassinosteroids may stimulate an anabolic effect by promoting protein synthesis. In fact, Laxogenin tests exhibited an increase in protein synthesis by over 200%. As a result, it aids remarkable lean muscle mass and strength gains. Athletes using Laxogenin reported noticeable improvements in strength within 3-5 days and muscle mass gains within 3-4 weeks. Laxogenin also inhibits the breakdown of protein to expedite recovery. According to research, it helps neutralize cortisol response to support recovery and minimize muscle wasting.

Unleash Extreme Strength Gains

Andro Quad™ provides you with one of the most potent legal prohormones available – 1-Andro. A metabolite of DHEA, 1-Andro converts to 1-Testosterone through a 2-step conversion process. It does not convert to estrogen, which helps to reduce the risk of negative effects such as gyno. 1-Andro promotes drastic strength gains as well as increased muscle mass and size. It enhances training performance by aiding vascularity and pump. 1-Andro also supports body composition by reducing fat mass.

Amplify Testosterone Levels

4-Andro works synergistically with 1-Andro to support muscle building in Andro Quad™. The body converts 4-Andro to 4-Androstenedione and 4-Androstenediol, which then convert to testosterone. By elevating testosterone, it helps build muscle mass and size as well as strength. 4-Andro also enhances libido and stamina while promoting a sense of well-being. With Andro Quad™, you can achieve alpha male status in both the gym and the bedroom.

Sculpt a Flawless Physique

Break through barriers to achieve your training and aesthetic goals. Andro Quad™ improves muscle mass, strength, and fat loss. Reveal your inner alpha male with Andro Quad™!
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  • 5
    Great stuff!

    Posted by Arthur on 12th May 2016

    It doesn't bloat you and really has helped me to loose weight while building muscle. Just finished 4 weeks and now starting second 4 weeks with strengths training.