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Andro 5a By Lecheek Nutrition


Lecheek Nutrition did again with their newest hit Andro 5a. Andro 5a by Lecheek Nutrition is designed to help men in the gym by increase strength, muscle fullness, and faster recovery times. Andro 5a is a proprietary blend consisting of of several ingredinets totaling one hundred milligrams per serving.


What are the product Highlights of Andro 5a?

Supports strenght, muscle fullness, and faster recovery times.



How to take Andro 5a?

This supplement is to be taken twice daily. One capsule, twice daily for thirty days. After thirty days it is recomended taking atleast four weeks off, while eight weeks being better. Women generally would not want to take this supplement as it cause causes unwanted manly characteristics. Drink lots of water everyday, as should anyway for general health, eight to ten ounces of water is idea to hydtrate your muscles and cleanse your liver and kidneys. You can take an on-cycle support with this supplement, however the ingredinets in it are not know for being harsh on the liver.






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