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Lecheek Nutrition Ampitropin


Lecheek Nutrition proudly introduces NEW AMPitropin, the new king of mental focus products. AMPitropin has been in the works for the past 10 months and has been used by each and every member of the Lecheek Nutrition family for extreme focus during work hours. Powered by AMP Citrate which is a one of a kind stimulant that will literally blow your mind. Lecheek Nutrition has been experimenting with AMP Citrate for a while now and has dosed it at it’s proper dose of 300mg which allows the body to enter into mental stimulation like none other. AMPitropin also contains the trademarked nootropic compound Pikatropin which increases blood to the brain and works synergistically with AMP Citrate as well as Caffeine. If you are looking to increase focus, energy, or enhance cognitive function AMPitropin is for you!
Key Features:

Increase Focus!
Increase Energy!
Enhance Mental Output!
Enhance Cognitive Function!



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