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4 Andro Max V2 by Primeval Labs at Legendary Supplements

4 DHEA Max V2 by Primeval Labs at Legendary Supplements

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4 Andro Max V2

Primeval Labs 4 Andro Max V2 is newly released pro-anabolic muscle builder. This supplement is designed for men, to increase testosterone, and to have the positive benefits of elevated testosterone. 4 Andro Max V2 is not only the strongest single compound 4-Androstene prohormone on the market, "at the time of this article of coarse". This product is also the strongest 4-Andro product mg for mg than prohormones of the past. Keep in mind 4-Andro products have been around for years, but 4 Andro Max V2 has pharmaceutical grade delivery system, making it better than the Andros of the past.


4 Andro Max V2

If you have tried a 4-Androstene prohormone of the past, and had positive benefits from it, then you will love Primeval Labs 4 Andro Max V2. This product has a pharmaceutical grade delivery system called Liposomal delivery. Liposomal delivery is designed to incapsulate and protect the 4-andro ingredient in every tablet you consume. By Primeval Labs offerign this delivery technolgy in every tablet, users will be able to consume 99% of every single serving. Old school 4-Andro prohormones of the past don't offer this, and are often underdosaged as well. Without using an accelerated delivery technology such as Liposomal delivery, you risk your body destroying upward of up to 70% of the active ingredient, as it will be destroyed by the liver upon your liver processing it. You can easily infer the benefits, differnce and quality of 4 Andro Max V2 compared to the competition. 

4 Andro Max V2 C

4 Andro Max V2 Highlights

  • Increased testosterone
  • Elevated Libido
  • Faster muscle recovery times
  • Better muscle stamina
  • More muscle mass
  • Pharmaceutical grade Liposomal delivery

4 Andro Max V2 b



4 Andro Max V2 a

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  • 5
    Great testosterone product

    Posted by Jonathan Lyle on 24th Aug 2016

    Had a good increase in testosterone feeling.

  • 4
    Not Bad

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Jun 2016

    feel Full, great pumps. Taking 3 per day with Arimistane. If you want better results and can afford it, I would double the dose to 600mg/day for 8 weeks and stack it with 1-DHEA at a higher dose than recommended. So far at 300mg I'm happy with the very mild and side effect free results. 3 lbs in 6 weeks with some fat loss and increased endurance at the gym.

  • 5
    Best for TEST

    Posted by Brian on 13th Apr 2016

    This is the best test PH on the market IMO. Been using said products, including scripted test for 17 years. There are stronger PH's but as far as test feel and quality of life while on this is my preferred choice now.