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24/7 Burn by BPI at Legendary Supplements

24/7 Burn by BPI at Legendary Supplements

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24/7 Burn by BPI at Legendary Supplements

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24/7 Burn by BPI at Legendary Supplements

BPI Sports really did a good job formulating its 24/7 Burn diet supplement. For those of us that are sensitive to simulants, like (caffeine) and related ingredients, we need a supplement that will still deliver results, without caffeine. It seems like all the hardcore companies are filling their supplement formulas with caffeine and related ingredients. Why can't we have what we want, like "Healthy Weight Loss?", why can't we have "Increased Energy", why can't we have "Appetite Control"... Without the high doses of Caffeine. 24/7 Burn by BPI at Legendary Supplements does just that. Now from what I just said I realize
this supplement doesn't appeal to everyone, but there are those of us out there that it does appeal to. 




24/7 Burn by BPI Ingredients


  • CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is found naturally already most peoples diets. It has been know to, and became popular for weight loss in the last several years. Consuming meat and certain dairy products will provide CLA naturally. 24/7 Burn by BPI CLA is proven to help you reduce body fat in multiple private studies. According to WebMD, a study of obese women had a weight reduction of 9% overall body fat over a years time period, after consuming CLA daily. These women stated that their diets were the same as usual, they made no dramatic changes to their diet or lifestyle, other than taking the CLA daily.