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Wanna be Lean and Mean for the Summer? Nutraceutical Innovations has your back!


The all new 11K-TEST by Nutraceutical Innovations is the perfect prohormone for your summer cutting needs. 11K-Test features the anabolic hormones 11 keto testosterone and 4 DHEA. These compounds convert into testosterone once absorbed into the body via a two-step conversion. This product is non-aromatizing which means you do not have to worry about water retention or gyno while running a cycle although PCT is recommended. 11 Keto also known as 11 OXO is proven to help increase fat loss as well as build hard dry gains. 11K-Test also supports  authentic transdermal absorption technology for enhanced bioavailability of the hormones. This absorption technique gives you a high dose of 75mg as fast as possible and without risk of breaking it down in the stomach. The transdermal also features an appealing, masculine scent to attract the ladies. This means you will get a whopping dose of 11-OXO and 4 DHEA as quickly and efficiently as possible to help you build hard dry gains and lose fat.

- Increase Fat Loss

- Boosts Sex Drive

- Appealing Scent

- Hard Dry Gains

- Enhanced Absorption Technology

- Strength Increase


Get 11K-TEST by Nutraceutical Innovations today...make gains...get lean... and smell good doing it!

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11K Test by Nutraceutical Innovations

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11k test

Good for recomp. No sides.