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100 Percent Guarantee

100 Percent Guarantee



Legendary Supplements BUYER PROTECTION GUARANTEE. LegendarySupplements.com customers are automatically enrolled in, and have the full benefits of our BUYER PROTECTION GUARANTEE program upon making any purchase at Legendary Supplements. Check below to see what this feature includes when shop at our store.


The benefits below are included with any purchase you make at LegendarySupplements.com, and are covered under the BUYER PROTECTION GUARANTEE program.

  1. Upon our manager approval, if an order is lost during transit to the customers address, stolen in transit, or any other problem that causes the parcel/order to not be delivered, do to carrier fault, the order will be replaced free of charge in the USA as long as the order is not marked "DELIVERED" by the carrier on the customers tracking. This feature also assumes that the correct address was originally given by the customer, and the customer was not at fault for supplying a incorrect address or address format.
  2. Upon our management approval, if and order arrives and it is damaged, or an item is missing, the buyer will be re-sent the missing damaged item upon manager approval. Proof of the damaged shipment/missing items must be obtained before this can benefit can go into affect.
  3. Our company strives to be as updated as possible. However, if the small chance one of our customers receives and expired/outdated product, we will re-send the exact same product upon proof of the expired product. This benefit of coarse assumes that the listing/advertising doesn't already say it is a past-dated product. If this is the case, the customer is still covered if the customer didn't see the description saying it's past-dated. At that point a return label will be sent, and the product will be refunded upon the item returning to us.
  4. Legendary Supplements offers a 30 day return policy on any order. To be eligible for a return the product must be unopened, undamaged and it's original shipped condition. The buyer is responsible for the return shipping, unless the item needs to be returned to us because of a shipping error, "wrong flavor, size, product" for example. In this case Legendary Supplements pays return shipping.
  5. Shop with confidence knowing that anytime a customer purchases a supplement from us, that it has been handled and stored as professionally as possible. All supplements are shipped at our fulfillment center. We use no third party vendors or distributors. All products, once received from the manufacture's, are then stored in our temperature controlled warehouse. 

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