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Prohormone Warehouse at Legendary Supplements

Have you ever wondered where is the best store is to  buy Prohormones? Ever dreamed of finding a Prohormone warehouse? The answer is simple, Legendary Supplements has the largest selection of in-stock, legal, best selling prohormones at any given time. We stock a a tremendous twenty thousand foot, temperature controlled warehouse, full of the most hard-core legal supplements in the United States.

Whats hot right now in our  Prohormone Warehouse at Legendary Supplements

Here at Legendary Supplements we have seen prohormones come and go, from our perspective we have seen literally 90% or the prohormones that were legal on the market a year and a half ago, be banned, by the FDA. This is generally because these ingredients had effects similiar to anabolic steroids. Note I said similar, not the same, so politicians get them taken off the market. However entering into 2016, there is very good news as large companies such as Primeval Labs, keep coming out with new, innovative, muscle building compounds that are 100% legal in the USA. Prohormone warehouse ingredients such as EpiCat, Laxogenin, Epicatechin, 1-Andro, 4-Andro, and Epi-Andro are the hottest hardcore ingredients around right now. If you wondering what's hot? What is popular? That is your answer.


1. Super Laxo Primeval Labs
2. Chosen 1 Blackstone Labs
3. Burtal 4CE Blackstone Labs
4. Osta Rx IronMag Labs
5. Super 4 Andro IronMag Labs
6. Super 1 Andor IronMag Labs

Fat Burners

1. HydroxyElite Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals
2. Cobra 6p Extreme Blackstone Labs
3. Black Spider 25 Cloma Pharma
4. Hell Fire by Innovative Labs

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